Snow in the Desert

Last night I went out with many friends.
It is my first time to go Ski Dubai. It was amazing to experience the snow world in Dubai, where it is a place of burning sand and hellish sun. I wanted to go there many times but it can only be fun if we go with active friends. The freezing temperature at the time you enter the place, wow, a place of white, a place of dream, a place of fantasy! You feel really shocked by the fact they have built a ice castle on the surface of sand!
We ride slides, occupy ice house, climb "mountain", snow fighting, though the place was small, but we had tons of fun! After a few turn of fight, I started wondering if I still have my hand with me!  We have only entered the snow park. The main slope was limited to ski players. (they charge a good amount of money for that!) It is a huge slope, about hundreds meters long and 20 meters wide. You can feel how much determination and effort they have inserted in order to bring this dream land real!
Actually, the great fun of last night was not the snow park, but we have played tons of other games: shooting game, robot coaster, mountain climb, dancing machine etc. You can’t stop laughing! The scream on the robot coaster are still so clear over my ear!
Fun, great fun!


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