Relaxing and Boring

I was not doing anything at all. I really feel bored and meaningless. I was roaming around inside the house, reading books, playing games, but nothing excited. I could not focus on anything that I was doing.


Actually, I start to like MSN Spaces now. Although many functions are different from Yahoo 360, I still got many other options instead and I really love the theme design here.


Yesterday I was also thinking of one thing: to love and to be loved. It makes life lots easier just to receive love than to love. If you love someone, psychically you tend to be satisfied much easier. Nothing can be perfect. It is also true that if everything become perfect, there will no meaning of existence. It is because of those flaws we learn to cherish beauty.


Okey, start working now, I still have a loooooooong way to go and I still carry lots of expectations and responsibility. Hard work never fails!



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