I have changed my space theme today. Actually, I love the previous hot red too, but it is just too dark, giving a somber feeling. I think this flower is more bright and positive! I want to be energetic and positive, at least pretend to be…


I was not like this since a long time. I just could not focus on doing anything. I know I have got lots of things to do within a handful time but I just couldn’t focus


I can’t calm my heart.

Days before, at least I know that I have to work hard. I have got the pressure and I do realize the pressure. I know where my aim was and where I was going. But maybe I was expecting too much, maybe I just couldn’t realize the impossibility. I still move on, with weary legs and shamble heart…, with bruises and blood.


I afraid to forget. I afraid the feeling I have now will no longer be there. My Mom has granted me with intelligence. She taught me to be wise, but she never taught me to forget. I just can’t do that. I strongly believe that there must be a reason behind everything that happened in our life. Some of them we may not be able to realize them now, but we will be able to just at a right time and right place. Nevertheless, some of them may just beyond our understanding.


I seek tranquility. It is one of my most regarded elements to success. Let time explain me the reason.



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