Actors and Audience


Life is like a play,a drama, a movie;

What we have in a play we have everything in our life: love, hatred, conspiracy, kind, generous, true, false, confusion, all kinds of unbelievable and stupid…but most of the time, life is more touchable and meaningful.


A good play comes from life.


If life is like a play,

We have two types of people: actors and audience.


Many people want to be protagonists. They think it is the best. Protagonist lead his life, actually, he lead many people’s life. He always stay under the brightest spot on the stage, he catches the most attention and envious sight. They involve in their destiny. They shape their future. We see those people very successful. We respect them. They enjoy the glory and all the effort they have put behind it. They strike for their life, because they want to feel worthy and self-fulfilment. To some extend, they just want to prove themself. They earned their value for their name and for their existences, through all the necessary ways*. But it is sad that light and fame sometimes decay one’s precious humanity. They no longer live for themself but for others…


Whilst many others would like to be audience. They cheer for excelence and chatter for the flaws of the play on the stage. They cheer for them, cry for them; however, it is not their stages. They feel sad but satisfied to stay in their way. They also have their own stage, but with limited audience. But they do have their own space. They may not have that much "friends" surround them all the time, but they do have valuable friendship and treasurable relationships.


No phatom, no flattery, plain but live…


Well, personally I am a person appreciate hardworking and sweat. I am very aggressive towards the things I want. The is quite different from what I was thinking when I was small. I only dreamed to have small cabinet among the green mountains, with the spring, the smell of earth, the chattering of birds. However, as I grow up, I feel it rather coward. I feel man should contribute something to his place in his limited life. He must do something to mark his existence and make the place a better place to live for more people. I do not like unfaithful compliments or ingenious flattery. I can live with limited money in a plain life, I do not pursue material life. I do not work for money or for fame…

But I want to become big; I want to have power, I want to have the power to preside things in my life. I know compared to many people, I am quite practical. I afraid one day, when I got something, I may lose many precious things…

Life is without U turn, each decison I make will surely shape my future.


I don’t want to regret.


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