Management Development Program

It is really a wonderful experience to join the seminar. Dr. Cedric is a very knowledgable and kind person. We have discussed many current issues in our community. We have discussed mercy killing, gay marrige, abortion and so on. The relationship between ethic, integrity and successful business and great leaders.
I personally really against mercy killing, gay marriage; for me, if we allow mercy killing, we should also allow suicide. And if gay marriage is going to be popular, how can we ensure the quality of our offsprings? The society can not afford to lose such important factors as human being.
I think it is quite hard for me to understand that we have so many lovely girls around, why should a man want another man?
Anyway, many people presented their own idea and point of view. They all feel that they stand for the right ground. And I have admit that as our technology and innovation brought us material prosperity, we have got the ever prosperity of our mind.
Critical thinking is playing critical role in our society now. It is all about think what you are thinking. Different idea can not be killed and many new ideas are emerging. The only way to convince people is not by force or by volumn, but you should try to understand their point. Most of the time, others can not be convinced through logic, but we can conquer them through emotions.
And I have built several contacts in the seminar too! I think they will come handy in times of need.


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