Why the Name is Pavana?

One of my friend asked me today that: what does that pavana world means?
I think many of you must wonder the same question.
It is a place. It is a place of many memories and stories. It is a place I have shared with one of a very important person in my life. We were the king and queen of Pavana.
It is a place with passion, with love, with laughter, with nature, with all the beautiful things. It is a place of imagination. We loved to imagine story about it. We described it with many trees, many rivers, many animal and good peoples. We wrote stories about it for many generations.
Well, she has left me now. However, I just can’t forget the times we have shared together before. Because those have passed, should be remembered, otherwise by the time I am going to die, my life would only like a blank sheet of paper.
So I have named this spaces ‘Pavana’ in a memory of her, in the memory of the past.

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