Rose is normally associated with love and romantic. But everything is like double blade sword, so does rose; Rose gives you the love, but sometimes it also hurts you.


We have many different colors of rose, red, pink, white and even black. I love red the most, or sometime mix it with pink. I feel red can most appropriately represent my feeling. And I used to give single rose. It represents one love and only one love. I usually give to the girl I like on Valentine, on her birthday, on Charismas, on New Year etc.


Aya, for many years I haven’t given any rose to any girls now. Yes, I am a very mean person. If I do not like someone, I will not go out with her at all. I have many chances all the way I grow up, but I rarely give people chance. It is not that I am choosy. I am a person very open minded and easy to deal with. I just don’t want anything affect my career and concentration. That is why unlike most of other things I want in my life, I am very passive in love. I believe true love is to be encountered, but not found.


I do everything in my life with strong logic. But I know love can not be weighted by wisdom. It is a gift. For whatever I have given out, it can not be calculated; neither do the love I have received. I believe my heart and I believe in fate.


Today, I saw one rose. It has reminded me many things. I have bought one rose last Valentine. However, it was my first time that I could not give the rose out. I could not give the rose to the girl I like.


I got a strange, or you can say bad feeling when I saw the rose today.


Or maybe you call it jealous…



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