Child and Father


I was in the supermarket today. When I need to pay my bill at the cashier, one family was before me. The father with his daughter on the trolley are waiting in the line and mother was still getting other items. When it turns to their service, father started putting items from trolley onto the transmission belt. His daughter I know not more than 2 years old was trying to help his father! Even she could barely stand on the trolley, but she was trying to put one bag of rice onto  the belt! Then I see the smile on her father’s face, a face of satisfaction and happiness…


Well, it is just a very small piece of our daily life. But it reflected the true passion and love. It was just a simple smile on his face; their daughter may only picked up a very light bag, but it matters a lot. It is caring. It is love. The harmony, the attachment, the voiceless communication deeply impressed me…


At that particular moment, I was wondering: will I be a successful father? Will I be able to raise my children into successful and responsible woman/man? Wow, that must be very challenging!


Life is full of challenges!


(I was trying to upload this article yesterday, but some problem happened. I was thinking of leaving it, but finally I feel it is better record each moment of my life.)


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