Plainest is the Truest


There was a couple. The girl was beautiful and intelligent. When they were dating, there were nothing of extraordinary. The boy never knew how to say sweet words; there were no excited and romantic arrangement; no regular roses…All they had were only watch movie and shopp in the mall. He was a guy no one can never associate him with attractive. Sometimes, even the girl doubted if the boy really loved her.


One day, after a very ordinary dinner, they went for a walk. The boy fumbled his pocket but found only one chewing gum. Very naturally, he tore this chewing gum into two and hand half to the girl…


After couple of years, they had married. In the eye of others, it is a mystery how the boy could win her heart. Many wondered and aksed the girl why did she marry him? She told them: because of that half chewing gum.


Remember the Chairman of Baidu said: I know I love her, that is why I married her. And that is it.


Love is not impression. When political figures were trying to impress others by saying all inspiring and lovely words, it was not neccessary that they love their country or their people. They put that much effort, because they want some thing in return. They need to show everyone that they put EFFORTS. But Love does not need anything in return.


Because of that half chewing gum, the girl knew the boy cared about her. She knew that was the one would take care of her all her life.


The appearance of life tends to fool most of us. We were deceived by the outlooking of life, but forget the trueness need not any decoration….


Trueness need not to be showed in thousand colors and ways, otherwise it is not true. The real true is simple and incapable to be decorated. It will still shine in front of wise eyes. 


Wisdom of life is to understand the beauty of plainess.



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