The feeling of loss



Now I know the benefit to have a computer in the office. Hehe…Finally I have got time to type my journal now: office hours. HEHE…hope they will not find this out so soon. 🙂


Let me recap all the things happened for past one week. As I have mentioned earlier I have lost my laptop. How? Here you go: I have finished some work in the university late at night. It was around 9:30 that I headed home. I usually brought 2 bags with me: one carries all the documents; the other one carries my laptop. On my way to my car, I met one guy and had some conversation with him about UOWD etc. When I near my car, I have put the laptop bag on the top of my car, so I can fumble the car key from my pocket. I opened the door, throw the other bag on the back seat…and…I drove away!


It was only when I reached my home I realized one bag was missing! I went back to university immediately and checked the places where I possible dropped my laptop. I found nothing but I realized overnight I have been named as the "most stylish" (silly+foolish) people on earth… I was feeling very guilty…the first laptop my parents brought for me before I came here…


And that night I still need to prepare a presentation for eBiz and one 3000 words assignment due the next day. I went to one internet cafe, and guess what… I have forgotten my flash drive over there!!


Bad day, huh? Actually, earlier that day two things happened: one is the cover of my flash drive broke, the other one is that I near forgot my laptop in the office. Were those things sign? Hehe…


I don’t how I passed that evening…It is a lesson I learned: despite how important it is, if you do not take care of it, you will lose it…


Many things we are so used to it, and rarely do we realize how attached we are to it. Usually we will not realize it until we lost it… It made me think of many things I have now: each pen, book, CD, table, desk, folk, plate…hehe…I cherish everything in my life, especially people…


I remembered my grandma, she used to remind me not forgetting things when I was small…I missed her badly.


I get scared of the feeling of loss…



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