Who is going to motivate me?


Aya, really very tired. I really feel the pressure and stresses now. Morning is class, then job, then assignment, then connexionz, then eBiz…seems work will never end. It is true that work keeps me alert and it is much better for me to work rather than just sit idle. But…I am no super man. Sometimes I just don’t want to work…


Yesterday, someone was telling me that “I don’t mind work, but I need some one to push me…”. Hehe…”sitting over my head” typical words and culture. “Don’t worry, that is why I am there.” I replied him “ I will push you…”


I was think about it on my way home. Ya, I am the one push everyone, motivate everyone and coordinate all the works. However, I also realize the fact that I also need motivation. I need someone to talk to me when I am feeling down, I need someone to comfort me when I am feeling blue…


Hehe, quite contradiction huh? On one side, I need to be a strong figure so that people can keep their confidence; on the other hand, I want to be taken care of. Dead circle. It is also a fact that I do not easily trust people. I hide myself very deep. …aya…


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