Every grain of rice has the a name on it, of the person who is going to eat it.

I have just discovered a place where I can write your names that no body knows it…
I write your name everywhere,
I imagine your smile from air,
I know I never dare,
To tell you how much I care…
I wonder how to communicate with you without word,
I wish you can read what is inside my mind;
It is a feeling from the core of my soul,
for this life and for the life beyond;
I can’t stay a single day without thinking of you,
Each word you say, each smile you had were graved on my memory; 
Each moment we have shared, I cherish.
I know it never meant anything for you,
I knew your have already given your heart;
I just want to wait more,
I wish to see a miracle,
I believe efforts create result
But all the things I see are but hollowness and failure…
I fail to realise there are things on earth which just can’t be yours…
Even though I know you were lying,
it feels better to be deceived into a sweet dream rather than to face the cold brick wall;
Destiny has put us together, there must be a reason.
Every grain of rice has the a name on it, of the person who is going to eat it…
What is this all about?
What is the use of watering if you know the flower will never bolossom?
or stupid?
Tornar please have the courage to leave it now…please face the truth now…
…I haven’t notice…hehe…something hot is flowing over my face…
That is it…let it be…

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