A Tree and the world


Feras is the office boy in the office.

I was drinking my tea inside the pantry. When I turned back, I was stun to find that he just appeared like from nowhere. "Sorry sir""no problem"… He is Bangladesh, black and short. He got big black eyes and very thick lips. He gives you a feeling that of simplicity and plainness. Sometime I can see him sitting on the garage bin (with cover), some time I see him sitting on a pile of document.

I had a strange feeling every time I see him. He made think of many things.

I am not pitiful person. I was not. I don’t think I will be. Sometimes people say that I am cold blooded. It is true that I never pity people who do not try their best. I feel pitiful for those people from the start of their life, they only have limited choices.

I was just wondering that if he can have the same education as I do, the same parents as I do, what would happened to him? Will he be like me? Obvious, no one can be identically the same. (No other tornar will be like me for sure! :)) But will he get more chances and opportunities? Will he get a better living and recognition from the society?

Many people start their life from a completely different level. Some get privileged care since the time they born; on the other hand, many can barely have sufficient food…

Maybe it is the balance of the world. It is like the tree has different branches. Flower is nice but not everyone can be on the spot; the sunshine is nice but not every leave of the tree can occupy the best place. Nevertheless, each organ of the tree is important: from the root, to each piece of the skin, to each branches and each leaves. A tree is big.

The world needs different people to undertake different jobs and actually everyone is supporting others and depends on others. It is a fact that not any single man can control his destiny. Not Ken Lay, not this office boy, not Bush, not Sadam Hussain, not Jim Jones, not Ahmadinejad. None of us could, can or will be.

Not me and also not you…

I remember the old phrase, "god is not always fair, but if you work hard you will get paid…” I pity those who do not have many choices in their lives. Many things have already been decided before they even born.

There are crimes and immoral behaviors: pocket picker, theft, robbery. But how many people really enjoy make others suffer? Or is it because they just need to make a live? I strongly believe human being is not naturally bad.

…I think I just think too much…


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