Hot Chocolate and Cappucino Again

I like the sweetness and the tenderness of hot chocolate. I was, I am, I think I will always be. The smell, the color, the thickness, it revives every cell of my body. It enlightens every nerves of my brain. I love hot chocolate. Yes, I like hotchocolate more than Cappucino. It is not because Cappucino in its essence any less than hot chocolate. It is purely a personal preference. It is just like the color of my hair, the side of my gender, I can’t change it. No body can.
It is like magnism. When the right side matches each other, they tend to cling together. Otherwise, they will eventually apart. I think I found one magnism in my life now. She is bright and intelligent. Her eyes glow with smartness and wisdom. I do really attracted. I don’t know how far I should approach or whether I should cultivate it, I do enjoy each moment with her and each spark of our knowledge and emotion. Actually, I never intentionly do it, everything is just happening so natural…like the river flowing to ocean…
Her personality reminds me of Zhangwei, the chancellor of my class when I was in 8th grade. She has nice and approachable personality as well as very hard working style.
It is really very strange that I do always find similar people around me. Girls like Ma, like Gao, boys like Chao, Lisheng, liusiwei etc. There are people favor you, there are people hate you. I can always find people around with similar structure all the way from first grade. Funny huh?
Is this my hot chocolate?

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