What we need for our life?

Today I have received one mail from one of my friends. It was a very simple story that the king worked so hard during his time, he has conquered immense land which his ancesters could never dreamt of. He has collected the wealth which can feed ten of thousand of people for one hundred year. But by the time he is going to die, what he needed was  only very small piece of land…
What do we need from our life? Are the things we pursuing really important to us?
I am really working very hard nowadays. I do not let myself miss any tiny chances in my life. Even it is only about 1% opportunity, I will still put 100% efforts. I have driven myself to the highest extend. I have realized one thing. I seem controling my life. But actually, I can’t stop it.
I have chose the route of my life. I really can’t see any U turn on the path, and my personality won’t allow me to do so. Unconsciously, I feel like being forced to work like this. I feel the responsibility. I feel the burden.
I start to wonder those great people in our history: were they happy being that way? would they think twice to choose their life again if they had chance to? To be a responsible man is not easy.
And unfortunately or fortunately, I think I have chosen this road. The road with many obstacles and holes, the road also with glories and fames…do they really matter to me?
If all those things are not so important, then what matters to me in my life? What will be the meaning of my life?

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