Great feeling with great people

Today I have got many things sorted out. Many arrangement about our next event has been smoothly moved into details. Things are moving much better than I have assumed. Not many difficulties are there. All of us have nice corporation and coordination. It was very fruitful the meeting in the morning.
Later on, I went to check the place for our next project. It was terriblely hot! Both of us were completely wet! But it was fruitful. We will not be able to understand all the details without acutally going to the place. She has proved to be a great help. And she always be. We have taken many photos back. It was great fun!
I don’t know but I feel something is going different…I feel deeply attracted: the intelligence, the wisdom and the knowledge. It reminds me when I was at 18 and 19. Some of the personalities and attitude are very much like myself! I get attracted, really attracted…amazing person…
It not usually happens to me. I know that. Very rarely do I have the feeling or the chance to have the feeling. But now I can hear my inner voice is screaming! Sometimes I was even dreaming about the future…
Day by day I understand myself better. I understand more what I really want from my heart and in practical…It was amazing! Hope the ending will also be nice one…
Evening there was one party organized by my company, nice food and decoration with all available broozes, Groose, Vin, Rum, Poster, Wine, Bailey, Tequita I have had everything…but do you know what I was thinking? yes, ‘what if someone is also here, it will be great…’
It was a very happy day for me today; however there are something…that keeps bothering me…I really feel so attached to everyone, but I know the fact that, eventually one day, we will have to seperate…I afraid the feeling of leaving…(Why should I ever have stayed and started everything? I don’t know.
But there must be a reason behind it. It will take time for me to understand it.

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