I like the new design of Spaces

I like the new style of MSN spaces. It looks more fresh and energic. Before it was just a colomn in the middle but now I can view it properly even on my wide screen.
I was not able to keep my spaces upto date. Do I really got many things to do or is it because I have poor time management?
What have I done today? Well, I had one meeting this morning about some work. Enjoyable? nothing like that, early morning working on a weekly off can never be pleasurable. Actually, many old things come back. I had many fight and someone was not happy.
Later on, it was nice that I had a chance to talk one of my friends. I miss her too much ever since she left. Actually, it is a venture I have started again. But she is really different. Is it another opportunity in my life, or is it just another joke? I don’t know the answer for those question, but one thing I know for sure: I like her.
After that, I was too lazy to move anywhere from my seat. I know I have got thousands of things in my Outlook list, but I just can’t focus myself for them. I haven’t done any of them, feel guilty about it.
Another important decision I have to make next semester. I really want to talk to someone. I want to get someone to support me. aya…let her enjoy her vacation, I will manage here. Missing you here…
May everyone have a nice day today!

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