A Fight

I had a fight with one of my friend. It is just so sad for me to learn that all the time we have shared were nothing more than a freaking piece of paper. He was telling me very straight what was the problem.
I rarely get into a fight. I can’t remember when was the time I fought with anyone. Okey, whatever he wants I will give to him. But he has forever lost my trust and the treasurable memory.
It is just too disappointing…
Or is it really something wrong about me? Recently, I am making lots of decision in my life, in both my personal life and my career. I have accepted one company to catch the chance; I have started approaching new love in my life, I have put my energy into event management…is it true that I have put myself into too many things? Is it that I am too rush into my decision?
Rohee gives me one point. That not everyone thinks in your way. The way I express my feeling, the way I thought may not consistent with other people’s way. I need to learn more how to understand others.
It is okey to have conflicts with people. And if I want to do something big, I just can’t avoid them. I will embrace them with positive energy. Get into fight with friends is painful, but business is business I will figure them out.  

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