Wake Me Up When Septermber Ends…


Summer has come and past,
The innocent can never last;

Wake me up when September ends,
Like my father come to pass,
Seven years has gone so fast;

Wake me up when September ends…

One of the best songs from Green Days…

It is just too difficult to part with the people you love… once you feel attached with someone, whenever you think about the fact that you won’t be able to talk to her, see her, listen to her for a long time, you feel that you do not want her go…

One of my friends is going to leave very soon. Actually, only a few days left. I know I am gong to miss her a lot. It has been only 3 month for us to share together, but I believe the memory will last for many years to come. I will miss her smile, her yells, her dance and many more. It is always very precious to meet and understand another person. It was a great time we have shared.

The first time we had lunch and I asked her to join the group; the angelic smile on her face; her determination; the bowling; the signature on T-shirt; the dance; the Karaoke…this summer seems too short…she was just too lovely (woow, this is my first time complaining summer is short:)).

It is amazing! This summer I have made so many good friends here. But I know there will a time, most of us will part each other and pursue their own future. Again, I know it will be a hard time for me to handle,

as my memory rests,
but never forgets what I lost,
wake me up when September ends…

Good luck Zerleena! May happiness and smiles be with you all the time! And whenever you face a problem, remember that: you had so many friends here that will pray for you! so, yell at it, shout at it, squeeze it and CONQUER it!


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