Reason, Season, Lifetime…

 A famous quote about the meaning of relationship: Reason, Season and Lifetime. It reminds of a Chinese old saying: it takes one hundred years of good being to sit with her in the same boat; but it takes one years of good being to share the same pillow with her. (I know it must sound very lame, for I have only translated it literally. Hope you understand the meaning).

Recently, the relationship has dramatically improved. I get really baffled: what might be the reason? Was it true that I have just discovered her good part? Or has she really changed through the summer? Or did I do something really good nowadays? Ended up I was checking which if the sun had risen from west…hehe

There are very few people I have somehow placed my trust and share many of my thoughts. And undoubtedly, she is one of them. I was the one nearly ruined the relationship. Really glad to see all the improvement.

Like I said many times before, if there is reason why I met her, she must be there to teach a lesson. I have learned tremendous things from her. I have expanded the way I think; the way I perceive; the way I view the world.

There is always a reason for everything to exist. Through this summer, I have understand more why others think in another different way. I have understood the value in their way.

It is a great experience!

My friend, thank you. Thank you for giving me another chance. This time I will cherish it more because I know I can’t afford to lose a friend like you…


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