Work, work…and work…

Reach home now! mmm…like home made tea~~

The work seems never get end this summer. ‘Next week will be better’ becomes a dream to me now…
I was keep telling myself that next week, this will get done, so I can be relaxing; It is true that I know ‘this’ will be done; but I can’t tell something else is coming…hehe…it is quite true that I have learnt so much this summer, but I found myself with little time for the other parts of my life…

Life is not all about work…but I just can’t leave it…I just can’t give people excuses not doing my commitement properly. Many people will get affected if I do not fullfil my responsibility…

hehe…sometimes I really feel that I am forced to work this much hard…But WHO is forcing me?

Too tired to think all this over…

Sleep now.:)

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