Shi Me Ki Li

I think I have mentioned this before. I always find myself

in the same environment. I just found them too similar. Ma, Gao, Liu, Li and

shao…all those people, are just so similar as friends I have now,

Zeshan, Neha, Nelson, Rohini, Kyuma,

Mona, Elma…the faces have been changed but the personality of people are

more or less the same. And the interesting part is that I always got

the same stories. HEHE…I do not believe in God and

I never pray to him. I really believed one’s destiny is determined by his/her

personality. It is my personality that decided the people I can hang up with;

it is my personality brings me joys and sorrows.

I had a talk with one of my friend few days back. She told me that I become too self-centered and paranoid. But I do care about

people who care about me…it is true that everything I do I do it with my full

heart. I get my full passion into it. But when I want it to be in my way, I may have ignored others. Maybe I need to respect other people


I will make a change this time. It is not about me, it will affect many other people. It can be a

price too dear for me to afford…

By the way, my friend, remember you were asking the meaning of the


It is a Japanese word in its Hanji format (pretty like

Chinese Character).

It reads ‘Shi Me Ki Li’, which means ‘STOP’ or ‘END’…


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