Relaxing 2



food while someone is cooking in front of you surely increases appetite. Chef

displaying their deft skills while we enjoy our food: stirring and chopping the

meat, vegetable, spices…various seasoning, fry, hearing oil burning on the



meat with tasty sauces…glittering color with burning smell… only if there

were some wine or seke…(greedy is the nature of mankind…hehe)


have enjoyed the past few days, although I am still working (even on weekend),

compared to most of the other days in summer, the current workload was just one

piece of cake. Cook some food in the morning, go for jogging, dine in some new

restaurants, buy myself some new stuffs, shop some groceries, grab a book on

weekend and dig into it for hours with some favorite 80’s music…life is back!

Have some relaxing conversation with random people, no stress, no worries. 


I was outlining the picture how I should die: an open air garden, pollens of colorful

flowers and humidity carry the smell of earth spread into the air. Green leaves

and blossoming flowering are staging the butterflies and cheerful birds…an

old man sitting on a wheelchair with satisfying smile, looking at the setting

sun; beside him a handful of diaries and photo albums which carries all the

memories and graves down all the moment of his life…


children running surround him, laughter and out of date music filled the

atmosphere. This old man flips over his dear diaries and albums and explain how

glory was his days to his offspring…one time or the other, one kids will point

out some contradiction in his stories and burst a laugh! Names, picture,

emotions, feelings flashes back in front of his wrinkled eye…and slowly,

slowly, walk through the last few minutes of his life… 


dreaming! Work will start very soon. Time to collect all my thoughts and start

to work now!


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