Emotional Intelligence

Recently, I become very interested to learn more about emotions. I havev got myself several books about emotions, non verbal communication, leadership etc. I want to understand myself more, I want to understand how do I perceive myself, how do others perceive me and how to align it.

It was a quite interesting topic. The more I dig into it, the more I enjoyed myself. It is ture that understand oneself needs continuous efforts. No one can never understand themselves completely. We have to take life as it comes. Build yourself and prepare for any circumstances, because that is only thing we can do. And it will only be when we face the situation, do we really understand how we will react to it.

I want to improve my personality. I want to control my emotions better. Many new concepts I have come across from those books, such as self awareness, social awareness etc. It might take me some time to absorb all the new knowledges.

But I know, it will take me life time to understand them….


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