I was cooking today!


I was cooking today!:) I have made 4 dishes and one soup. Wash all the vegetable, slice the chicken breast, prepare other seasonings, chop chillis, garlic and onion, stir all the components inside the pan. Ma Po ToFu It is a dish named after an old woman. A typical dish from south of China. Jing Jiang Rou Si

Meat has been striped into pieces with a famous sauce originated from Beijing. I had it with some Chinese wine. (a strong gin like Taquila, but we drink without lime or salt). I have made dessert as well:) Fruit salad! mmmmm:p, splendid! you name it! When was the last time I cooked food? Can’t remember, hehe. It took me almost 2 and half hour to complete the cooking, and even I did all the dishes, but I enjoyed! It is a nice week, relaxing n refilling…


One thought on “I was cooking today!

  1. Oh wow! Tornar the food looks so irresistibly delectable, my mouth is already watering. I bet it must have been tasty. I miss good, healthy tasty food out here. Because I dont want to cook I go around hogging free pizza\’s and food at every club meeting, so I am basically a member of 7 clubs till date just coz I consumed pizza they offered. Yesterday I disguised as a fine arts student and hogged on three slices of pizza. Well atleast they provide free good food out here, unlike at UOWD…but then again I didn\’t need sucky food when mom used to cook nice meals for me. And you never cooked for us back there…that is so not fair!!!!

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