There are accidents every day on the road. Every time I will laugh at them n blame them for careless driving. Today…
I must be the one to be blamed. I think this must be the worst accidient in my life…(the first) too.
I did not feel frightened. I was cool and calm. But I feel guilty. I feel sorry for the other guy n myself. I was so confident in my driving, I was boasting myself so many times about driving…then? I still made one accident. And I know I was my mistake. I would have kept larger distance. hehe…would have…
Am I really over confident? This is only driving. What about others? I can only realise my mistake after I got into big trouble. I think it is very true. I do not make small mistakes because I care about details. But if I make mistake, i will make big ones. People trust me more than they should. I still have so much to learn, to experience.
aya…i won’t be driving for some time now…

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