Life becomes busy again. It is a 24 & 7 schedule, and I know it will be like this for quite a long time. However, I still enjoy the momentous relax and happiness. After the accident the day before, I happened to rethink many facets in my life. How the way I do my work, how do I spend my time, the people surround me, the things I have done, my study, my perception. I have experienced many down times in my life, every time those things make me think.


I still can feel the pain in my neck..:( although no one really get hurt, but I feel that human’s life is so fragile. It just happens in an instant that one life may be taken from this world. I am always thinking about what happens after 5 years, after 10 years; but what is the meaning of it, if there is no tomorrow any more?


Today, again I have got some strong feelings. There is something I want to say since a very long time ago; but I have never got the gut to say it. I know I got to say sometime very soon. NO MATTER what, but I don’t want to wait until I don’t have chance anymore.


It has been a while since I last update my site. I turned many of my thought back to my diary after I learned that what I have written here really affected many other people…




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