SNF Fun Bazzar

Harlay Davidson, yes! I was never a fashionable or showy person. Hummer, Davidson are never of my category for enjoyment. However, expeirence it once in life won’t do any harm.
I have participated one event today with many of my friend, old ones and new ones. I was doing like labor, promoter, photographer, hehe…but don’t take me wrong, I have enjoyed a great time! I was selling items near the counter, commodity items! I have never done it before, bargaining with customers for every one dirahm, watching cartoons while there is no customers, palying games with friends, participating in magic show…The host of the event was really nice, he got all the necessary skills to cheer up the crowd, direct them, catch their attentions, continuous talking for hours really needs skills.
I deftly engage and attach my emotions whenever it is necessary. I realised it comes very handy in debate. However, I do not get excited easily. Before I always get jealous with them people enjoying their excitement. I was not jealous anymore since I know that I do not get ‘high’ easily is also one of my strength.
But it is always enjoyable to stay with fun people. Jude, Shoaib, Bhavnaa…all of them can make us burst a laugh anytime, just like Zhang, Li Sheng and many others.
It is a very long day, but meaningful and fun!

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