I was the last first…

We have gone to a debate today. You know what…we have got the last first.
Only 9 teams will pass the first knockout round, and we were just the 10th one. Fortunately (humiliately), the 9th team has quit due to unavailablity of their time slot, we got promoted to be the 10th team…
I was never the last first in my whole life! It was such a shame for me…
We have put tremendous efforts into this debate, but the result was quite disappointing. I have always got good confidence in my speaking skills but today I have learned that impromptu skill needs time and efforts to develop. The improvisation skill require huge amount of knowledge and confidence. There are times I can find thousands of thoughts flowing out from my brain, vocabularies just move out of my mouth; but there are time, I really get stuck with my mind. I just got stuck, badly, blankly…
I was the worse performer today during the whole show. When I look back the reason, yes, I was not well prepared for the speech. N the thought I have was not properly presented to the opponents.
Many, many things I have to learn…

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