Another Day

I am learning many new things everyday those days, experience new feelings. I have understand many terms which I never did before. The changes to our environment, our surroundings. I learned to control my feeling better, I learned more feelings in my heart.
I have also experience the feeling of management. The appropriate allocation of resources, human resources, physical resources. As the manager, you need to take all the blames from others. The challenge in motivation, fair and efficient allocation. And situation always favors those who possess insider information in this inefficient market. How to efficiently utilise information can be a very essential skill as a manager. The ability to make accurate decision despite huge pressure from the team, guide the team towards success, take responsibility and initiative are crucial characteristic of a leader.
Everyone can change. Everything can change. Even the best brothers can turn into enemy. Some of your enemy may become one of your most reliable resource. And when you were young, it is not good to be the first figure, but hide yourself at the second line may create more opportunity in the future.
Learn from others, think from others’ view, be passionate with your commitement.

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