Concurrent Mood


The debate has over. Actually we have eventually come to the 3rd position among all the competitors! Yes, all of us were just the first time for debate and we have made it! There were many ups and downs for the process, but I have really enjoyed.
I was glad to lose to another team from our university. I know they are much better. The overrall performance of the other team has so much for me to learn. Congratulation to Rohini and your team, please work hard for your final and I wish you all the best!
However, I still feel bad. I am just an very ordinary man; I hate the feeling of being defeated. If I desire something, I want to get it. If I can’t get, I feel the pain of loss. Especially, I have not only lost the debate, but also lost another chance, and…courage…
There are so many mistakes we have done. I have prepared one whole and very good point to counter one of their major argument and I have even writen them down. But I, shame to say, can’t read what I have writen! I have no right to blame anyone for their mistakes. All of us have tried our best! It was a nice show!
Life is not all about destination, it is about the journey.
It is a very valuable expeirence for all of us. Considering the fact that we are the first time in debating, it is a great achievement that we have made it to the 3rd position among all the competitors.  I am happy that I have tried my best. The whole team has tried its best, we have done everything that we can do. One thing I am very sure about it: we have put much more efforts than the other team. There are just some obstacles to be conquered within too less time period. The failure has given me a new view of challenge…The failure actually taught me more than if otherwise I have won.
I have experienced that happiness and sadness can really exist concurrently. I feel extremely sad for the fact I lose. Because I have made myself one promise that if I can really win for the debate, I want to say something which I longed to say. Is it for me to realise that things have its limits. Is it a sign that I should understand?
I understand. I understand everything. I just can’t do it. There is a limit for everything. I should only set myself with an attainable goals. Unattainable goals can only make me feel bad…and even worse make other people feel bad. I was thinking about this all the time on my way back.
Aya…I know I do not want to regret.

2 thoughts on “Concurrent Mood

    Happiness and sadness, triumph and defeat are two sides of the same coin… they dont exist concurrently, they are nonexistent without each other.
    Success cannot be weighed without the value of defeat, and vice-versa- how much they weigh depends on how much you value either.
    You acknowledge that the journey is important but I don\’t think you acknowledge that defeat is a colored eye-piece- it changes the way you see and understand the world.
    And focussing more on personal growth is way more important and worthwhile than a satisfactory feeling achieved through vengeance.  
    Wish you luck on all your future endeavours….

  2. Thanks my friend. Don\’t worry, I do not feel bad because of the result of the debat at all. Actually, I feel quite fortunate we can move this far…I feel sad about something else…

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