Three Attribution

If there is something granted to us before we born, I would like to categorize them into 3 attributions: physical, mental and artistic.

Physical attribution: outlook, your muscle and agility.Mental attribution: spiritual status, intelligent quotient and emotional quotient, the ability to take up stresses.Artistic attribution: creative, musical and painting talent, the intuition to understand emotion, nature and art. Each of us is unique and different. The world is just like a tree. A tree got so many branches, not all of them can occupy the best place to receive nutrition and sunshine, but no one can deny that all the elements are critical in balancing the whole world.

A tree has got many branches. People have different abilities.

If our life a like a stage, we are going to play different roles. People who have physical ability are good in sports. Artistic people enjoy poem, music and paint. Only those people who have greater mental status can take up higher position and pressures. People have illusion about leadership. Most people thought that leaders are the best part of the hierarchy. They get to boss people around but no one can boss them. However, it is not as easy as most people think it is.

Leadership is an ability, an skill. Although it can be trained, many people got it gifted before they born. Remember one of the historian said: let a normal person read those biography of great people is like forcing an ordinary person to become abnormal. There is a reason for everyone to exist. Everyone has its value.

We depend on each other.

No one can live alone. Actually, we are afraid to live alone. You may found that many great figures in our history are very independent people. I am afraid that you have just been cheated by media. The media has ignored the very fact that everyone is human and human is a social creature. We feel the pain, the hollowness, the grievances; we need support and consolation.

Whatever role you have, enjoy it. Understand yourself, understand your ability and chose your role. If you are artistic but you want to be an athlete, you have just wasted your gift… If you only have the capacity to be the leaves, pursuing to be the flower can only bring you sorrow.

It is a great fortune to find someone trustworthy and who possesses complementary skills at the same time. Someone you can share, trust and place your faith…

Don’t be panic that if you don’t have some quality which other has, because you surely have something that other do not have. You are you! You are no one else, and that is your value!

(This is one article I have long ago promised. I don’t know if she still remembers…hope you understand what I have written here…)


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