Dreams do come true

This is a picture of a nature cave in south of China, it was shaped naturally by water through thousand of years…In China, we have an old saying that ‘dripping water destroys rocks’.

Is it true?

Well, it is usually what I motivate myself: ‘hardwork always pays’, ‘dreams do come true’…but is it true? Or is it just an illusion I have created for myself, so that I can always insert my full efforts?

We all know, it is not true.

There is always a limit of how much you can achieve. There are things you still fail in spite of tremendous efforts; there are fortunes that just come like the breeze. This world is not always fair. My stubbornness has brought me nothing but wounds all over my body. Although the reality has stripped almost every piece of my heart, I never want to admit the very fact that luck and opportunity does have significant effects, because if I admit it, I will have no value for me to strive anymore. I will lose my aim and energy, I have nothing to hold but only hollowness and sorrow…I would collapse…

This world is not fair, but as long as you try your best, you will have a chance.

This sentence has served me well to motivate myself whenever I felt down and blue. By holding my belief firmly, I am able to impose my best efforts in everything I do. I have still remained my faith. I believe my determination can bring me success in my career. I believe that my persistence can eventually win your heart.

Maybe, dreams are best in imagination. They are best to feel. Once they become reality, they might lose its very essence of its beauty…dreams never mean to be caught…


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