I am a stranger in this world,
A world I need to travel alone,
I lick my wound when I still feel the pain,
or until a time I can feel the pain no more;
There is nowhere to reach,
nor there is a place to stop,
Aimless traveller, endless hollow;
Where is the beginning,
Where is the ending,
Truth has been concealed by all the illusions;
I know this feeling is so real,
Time can never heal this sorrow;
I realised,
I need a place to release my anchor,
A place to share, to rest, to remedy;
A lighthouse guide the direction,
Give generous support, encouragement,
care and understand;

Share needs courage,
It also needs trust,
The closure of heart can not evaporate the 


it only accumulate your anguish,
emotion will eventually swirl out of your chest!
Friends are a great treasure, it is a place
you can share, a place of care, safe and peace…

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