Old Couple & Cat

Every morning when I go for jogging, mmm…actually, I am not going everyday, every time I went for jogging in the morning, I can always see this old couple.


It is a nice small park, it is so tiny that you may just call it a green area. However, here has served a popular whereabouts for morning exercise. So do this old couple, I think they were practicing Yuga. But besides that, they always bring a lot of food to feed all the roaming cats in the area. Every time, there are about 20 vagrant cats will wait over there at the same place: white, black, brown stripped, quite an interesting scene in the early morning. It is like a stage, they were jumping, playing, fighting, acting like spoiled child showing pettish manners to their parents. Those cats seems understand the preciousness of the kindness and love they are receiving, they are trying their best to amuse their masters…


I was always amazed about their persistence. In today’s material world, their acts in many people’s eye make no sense at all. Feed cat? And feeding stray cat on the street? However, I want to say there is great value in it. I respect them. They must be a lovely couple all the way along their life…doing something not for money, but the feeling of the heart, nothing can be more meaningful than this to start every new day. It is so simple, but contained the very essence of the beauty of life, of happiness.


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