Bird strangles in the shrubbery,
Night pursues the day shuffling,
Shade follows the shine,
The prologue of a besieged drama show;
The endless wishes,
The everlasting hollowness,
To the end of eternity;
Ain’t everything changing?
Ain’t everything possible?
Yes, everything hath an end,
Whether you like it, or you do not like it,
Life ought to accept it.
The sturdy determination,
The pure passion,
Repeated wounds,
Countless bleedings,
The persistence has never changed;
The persistence of dripping water can crack down the rock!
The persistence of dreaming can bring dream true!
The persistence of seeds can break the soil!
The persistence is a miracle, all it needs is faith…
Be patient, and never lose your hope,
Be optimal, and never stop dreaming,
Be obstinate, and never let your goal diminish,
Smile, and believe,
What happened before will never be changed anymore,
But the future, one can surely participate!
So many times I want to let it go,
But I only ended up keeping letting it go…
It only made me realize that destiny does want to carry me little further,
Or I want to believe there is still something more;
Faith gives direction.
Is a test of your destiny,
Is a test of the strength of your will,
Is a test of the purity of your passion;
I know one can never force anything that does not belong to him;
Neither can anyone stop you from dreaming of it.
The truest heart can penetrate everything.
(PS: this poem was inspired by ‘one might not have legs, but he still has the right to dream of walk…Cheers~)

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