Seeing your face

When did I see your face last time?
Do you know how much  I have missed you?
Again and again and again…
Have expectations ruthlessly destroyed by reality,
Have promises broken by stubborn mind,
Have your tongue lay a blade in my heart,
Have the wall surround my heart protect me no more,
Let me feel the thrust,
Let me see how long the pain will last…
Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow,
When can I see your face?
I have found you in my dreams,
I have found your face, your smile, your eye, your hair,
I have found that I have lost in my thought and imagination;
When I wake up,
I have ,
I have also found nothing but the same white ceiling;
Words from a foolish heart,
Vision from a blind eye;
Sheer beliefs,
Shambling steps,
I can’t tell the future,
But I can tell you,
The present is real, the passion is true,
I will wait.
(I have written this poem couple of days before. I was not planning to post those crappy words…)

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