Autumn supposes to be the season of romance: red leaves and beautiful flowers dancing along with the encouragement of breeze; after the rain washes the ground, golden sunshine pour over the earth: bright, warm and pervasive; birds chanting over the branches. You sit quietly on the bench, you feel the freshness and energy at every exhalation; you feel your existence no more, but united, dissolved…

After a long time, rarely do we enjoy rainy season here. The air and world after rain becomes ever more inspiring and clear.

I was just studying in the library today. When I was taking a break and looking outside of the window, I saw Rosemarry, a respectful librarian. She is trying to pick up some flowers and bring them back in the library for decoration.

The rain has blown down many flowers from the shrubs. She was not picking flowers from the branches but only collecting them up from the ground. She carefully selects those red flowers from the ground and grasp them in her palm. Several passing students have also stopped to help her picking up the flowers. In some people’s eye, those things must be meaningless. But I really feel the beauty of that moment, the true appreciation of beauty.

In China, we have a motto: flower lovers never pick up flowers (from branch).

Pick it lively from the branch has violated the very right that flowers want to be on the branch. And once the flowers leave the branch, they will die very soon. Only if you understand the ‘feeling’ of the flower, can you completely appreciate the beauty of flower. It was such a small moment, but much resonation. Everyone needs its own space. Even how close you are, one should always respect others and their secrets.

Life returns whatever you have given;

Don’t hate other, for hatred will eventually come upon you; Love others, and your love will return…



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