The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain…
Merry Christmas everyone!
What have I done today? I was studying in the morning, working in the office in the evening, well, one bad conversation in the afternoon…pathetic uh? Ya, I know. It is not that I haven’t planned anything. I have started doing research about how to spend the once a year festival right from the beginning of the month. I don’t know how many times I was day dreaming the yellow reddish candle, delicious turkey slices, delightful chrimas tree, and red wine…I have even got the menu and made sure that I have got the best deal in the town: the best food, best show and sightview.
The funny part is that I knew I would only stay at home. I knew at the beginning that I was only day dreaming, again I was trying to get something unattainable.
Life is like an tunnel, there is no guarantee that we will find light at the end; but surely, as long as you keep moving, one gets better…
It is because of hope. It is because of the promise I have made with myself.
I am still waiting.
and I am still trying.
It has rained few drops yesterday, like the epilogue of the week long shower. It reminds me that I am too tiny when compared with the muti-universe. I can’t predict future, but I will always be positive and never drop hopes. Let the breeze carry me to my destiny.

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