Happy New Year



New Year!


Happy New Year to everyone!

It has already passed? No way, I have just enjoyed my New Year Eve!

I have cooked very special food to celebrate today:

Tendered veal steak with Thai sauce & Smoked Turkey sweet corn salad, yes both original dishes from my creative mind! Delicious food with some reddish liquid…

finally, I have finished the ritual as saying goodbye to 2006!

Ya, it is today that I really felt that I have entered 2007! My new year resolution? Well, many are there…I will learn to control myself better, and release myself better. I need to learn how to balance my life. For all the things I was pursuing in 2006, yes, I will still after them! I will learn to be wiser. 2007 should be a year where I learn what is possible and what is not possible.

It is the year of pig…remembered many friends who were with me in my school time, most of them were born in the year of pig…don’t know how they are doing now?

Well, next year will be the year of rat again, my year, if it really means a year of opportunity and challenge, then let me prepare myself during this coming 365 days.

Happy New Year to anyone whose new year eve was ruined like mine, like us celebrate today, celebrate this moment and remember all the joys and fun.

Because it is those motments grant me faith and motivation whenever we feel down and blue, from those memories, we found courage to face any challenges!

Okey, bye:) I need to finish my dessert now. Hehe…soft cheese cake with blackberry topping…yummy!!



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