Anothe Day

Another Day has passed for 2007,
I was doing some work today for a club project. I made lots of phone calls in the room. Yes, I have made much progress today…I have also found out one thing. It is just so important to receive some encouragement from your friends. Be it a piece of word, be it a smile, be it just few second over the phone…you can feel the support…
There is no excuses for me, I have to be here all the time. I have chosen this way for my life and I think I am determined to travel along it…It won’t be easy, I will feel deflated sometimes, it is just so important to have some throw you some delightful words!
Today, I thought a lots. I was wondering what would it be now if I hadn’t joint this university, or I was left or I start my university right after I have reached here…I might have new stories and friends.
All the memories I have now won’t be there at all. You have to trust me, it is karma. It is my destination to be here and meet all the people. Whenever I thought about how valuable two people can meet, do I cherish my life more.
Live everyday to my fullest, leave no regret, leave no words unsaid…

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