A story

 My friend,

Let me tell you a story;


If only the hot chocolate need not to wait,

For the arrival of caramel,

The day may not be longer,

Until the warmth became cold;


The paper needed to be filled up,

The door had slammed on the face,

Laughter celebrated the obstacle;


It feels like heaven,

Angelic smile and intellectual communication,

The dragon smelt the Morocco tea;

It feels like hell,



There was a board of four spirits,

There was a stage for three,

There were tremendous glory and pride we all have shared;


Sign language comedy show,

Crispy mouthful of pizza,

Crazy drive on the road;


There were fight and quarrel,

Reluctant promises,

If one forgives to the degree that one loves,

I know I must have started loving her;


It is the lava of love

It is the love of remedy,

It is the smile, the occasional kindness,

It picks up the scattered piece by piece and stitches them together;


If you let in just a little more love,

I can do anything for you,

A little is enough, trust me;


My friend, are you really listening to my mumble?

My friend, have you heard the beating of my heart?

They say there is a story behind every star,

Then let mine also be with you, my friend;


It is like an endless tunnel,

No one can tell if there is light at the end;

However, I believe,

As long as I keep moving, I hold my hope,

One surely gets better.


Life is not a trade,

It never guarantees you for your investment,

But we are not coming to this life all the way to be defeated,

It does not mean we should lose our hope.


People say there are three things that can last forever: hope, faith, love. Hope is ours, It is in our hand. And it is vital for you to live your life meaningful. But the greatest is love. Love is to trust and to hope, to endure whatever comes, Love does not come to an end. The most intelligent person are no difference from the most stupid man when they fall in the river of love. Love gives you kindness, forgiveness, generousness. You just amazed how persistent you can be, how stubborn you become…


Hey, you are blinking, do you understand?



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