Phone calls


A day of making phone calls, and they kept putting you on hold…voice mails, and even the voice box is full&*&^%$%^…After tons of efforts, finally you have got the email address of the concern person, you typed the email and click ‘send’, before you can really enjoy that piece of joy, a mail has been returned saying that ‘mail box is full’…

Aya…you really need a lot of energy only to motivate yourself to keep conscious…

Finally, waiting for the call, waiting, waiting, waiting, until the sun has set, the moon has climbed on the sky, until the trash bin filled up with empty cans, until you feel there is no hope anymore…

Then you receive the call, hehe…when you were having dinner, the only time you enjoy your peace of mind…however, this call had really made your day. It gave you a good amount of encouragement and energy to sustain your hope.

I started feeling the risk now…what if all the efforts I have put may only result in vain? There is no guarantee that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but surely, as long as you keep moving, you get closer.

Nice day!


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