To Sir, With Love

To Sir, with Love,

Such a classic and touching movie! Typical 60’s resonating stories about true and real humanity. In front of those abandoned, so call least promising young man and ladies, his true passion has finally conquered everyone’s heart. Even those people who thought he would definitely fail had to respect him for his miraculous achievement.

He has taught his student of self-respect, adulthood, responsibility through a innovative and sympathetic manner. Those once helpless and troublesome youngsters eventually realized the meaning of marriage, relationship, fashion, rebellion, and most critical of all, the wisdom of life.  They have submitted themselves into discipline and well behavior.

He has talked about Rebellious. ‘Rebellious is about change, you are born to change the world, if you can’ it is a very positive way to look at ‘rebellious’; ‘marriage is not for those weak, selfish and unsecured’ It is a movie about ‘emotional influence’. It has showed love in all the ways but violence and hatred. It reminds me the script in Buddhism, which emphasize ‘emotional influence’. You influence others through your behavior, consistence and integrity. It is very essential and most beautiful side of humanity. Love has been presented by great patience and tolerance. No matter what happens, never let hatred and anger blur your vision.

It needs lots of determination and skills to do the right thing. The Good way of life is usually the toughest and least rewarding one. It also comprises of huge risk, bitter, and even tremendous suffering. If the religions are true, the life of human is mean to be take all of that. However, it needs undying courage and significant abilities.

This movie reminds of my first teacher in Elementary school. Although I had a few other teachers before the elementary school, I can’t remember them anymore. Teacher Mo, she was just so patience and kind. People say it is very important in which environment you have been raised. No body was born evil, but rather the contrary; it is just that the angelic side has been tarnished by sometimes cruel environment. Even the most fallen one can be an angel, if he has been granted a second chance.


Luckily, I had all the love I can receive in the world when I was small. I have learnt to love and to be grateful to others. I was naughty and playful at timessweet and nice old times:) I have also learnt discipline and respect. It is those values that protect me from doing wrong things. It grants me courage and confidence.


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