Digitalization of the World

Everything is turning into computerization, the whole world is in the process of digitalization.

Many believe that digitalization can provide us more accuracy thus improve dedecacy as well as efficiency. We have digial camera, digial TV, Cellular phone, CD, book, newspaper, picture etc. Socialists are even trying to transform our emotion into digit and number! Eonomist, accountant use number as measurement to access everything.

They calculated happiness, or utility, as the sum of good feelings minus bad, and argued that the pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain were the sole springs of human action. There are degree of one’s smile, the angel of sneer, the openess of mouth. Behaviorist studied outward behaviour, they believe every human feelings can be illustrated in behavior. And again, they can use number to generalise them.

However, number can represent everything. The number on those annual book can never represent how much morality is there. The behavior measurement can never illustrate human inward feelings. 

Choices made does not equal to pleasures taken.

We have even found ‘feeling’ on plant, which we had long disregarded. Human are such a dedicated component of the multi universe. Neither behavior nor number can fully represent our inward feelings. I am less bothered with the idea that Robot or Alien will conquer mankind rather than the concept ‘Digitalization’ would erase the very essence of humanity.


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