Review of Pursuit of Happyness

"You want to get something, go and get it. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it. "

It is a very inspirational movie! Another typical true story of American Dream. The more I grow up, the more I understand life. I know how difficult it is to live without money, and especially with a kid! Christ has showed great courage in times of adversity. People say adversity distinguishes extraordinary from ordinary. It is alwyas so true…

"Do something that you love. You have to be committed, and you have to find something you are passionate about."

In order to make your dream true, you will need not only skills but more importantly the determination. And for that amount of determination neccessary to overcome any obstacle, nothing but only pure passion can generate them. It is not only for the sake of the job, but also for your happiness. After all, all of us, either rich or poor, president or farmer will die eventually. And all those materiality won’t worth anything by then.

Money is the least significant aspect of wealth. Does something that makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself?

Money comes and goes. There is no everlasting happiness. But one surely knows what brings him or her the happiness, what is enjoyable and fulfilling. I still don’t know what is the meaning of my life. But I am sure it is not for money that I live.

Recently, I am making quite a lot decisions for myself. Some are really important; every decision might influence many years; some are dumb stupid! Someone was asking me why? However, if I don’t why. I only simply follows what my heart says, because I think that is what can bring me happiness.

Yes, I am also pursuing my happiNEss.


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