Enjoyable and fulfilling II

There was much really bad news during the last two month. One of my friends’ friend lost his wife just at the turning point of the new year. They were a young couple. His wife was a person who loves exercise and is the least person you can think who would die from heart attack. Just in a matter of seconds, she left without saying anything; Healthy boy had to stay in the hospital for weeks, because of a sudden sickness of his stomach; A young boy traveled alone here, expecting a promising new start of his university and reunion of his father. He waited hours in the Airport but only found his father just passed away from a car accident. Besides, his mom also passed away from a sudden heart attack year ago, now he becomes an orphan; and just a couple of day earlier, one of my best friends’ grand aunt shot herself at home. She has undergone miserable situation for the last few month, finally she found nothing but only death can relieve her from pain…

I remembered my grand mom. The sadness, the sorrow, track of tear, the absent eyesight, really can’t imagine how much pain each of their family needs to go through…One’s fate is so undeniable that no one can resist it.

Congratulate me here, because I am still able to type this!

They say this year is going to be the hottest year because we have got an unusual cold winter. The outcome of the industrial revolution has not only brought us prosperity but also erosion to our precious planet. There are more uncertainties await us. They are like ticking time bomb, everyone knows it is horrible but no one realize that no individual can possible save us. People are either too terrified to think about the consequences or enjoying their counted ‘happiness’ without understand that those happiness are actually at the cost of many others. Unfortunately, most of us are still waiting for ‘The One’ to come and save the world. Look at the environment, the relentless bloodshed, unresting Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Iran, North Korea, recent tragedy between India and Pakistan; the spread and misuse of nuclear weapon, the crisis of oil, global warming, terrorists attack and so on. Any of them is enough to trigger an unprecedented level of disaster. Another war will again tore us apart and the wound will be so deep that it might take centuries to be cured.

It is very terrifying to think about all this. But I know, history is very likely to repeat itself. The sadness of a tragedy is that we all know that something is going wrong, but none of us can stop it.

‘Don’t plan anything…’ I don’t think he really means that one should not plan for his life. But he just wanted Corelli to be courageous. Live for now.

I went to play tennis last Thursday. We have played continuously 3 hours until the time I can barely feel the existence of my feet and my arm. Only then I realize that I have made so many scratches, and both my palm and ankle were bleeding. I have not sweated that much since a very long time. It was very tiring physically, but it was mentally relaxing and relieving. It is a productive way to bring out those unwanted emotions and excess energies. We will try to keep it every Thursday!

Then I went shopping on last Friday. I went to my office early in the morning finished all

the work so I can enjoy my shopping in the afternoon. I bought shirt, shoe, socks (I really can’t find one pair with the same color in my drawerJ), tie, T-shirt, tennis racket, tennis ball…it is the first time in my life, I was blindly shopping without considering the price. Not long before I reached home I realized that I have spent that much and bought back so many useless items…L Well, like I said earlier. I earn money to spend. It is the happiness that is important.

I really thought a lot for the past couple of days…I was very glad that I have finally done something only for myself.

I start reading the other book from de Berniere: The Birds without Wings. Hope it has a nice ending too.


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