Enjoyable & Fulfilling

I did not want to write so negative things, I tried to think positively and act promptly to everything surround me. However, the sequence of things that is happening around me and my friends doesn’t seem to end. Finally, I have decided to share some thoughts here.

I sense that 2007 may be a very challenging year. In fact, I think it is going to be a difficult year where tremendous dangers, significant changes lie ahead. Of course, there will be great opportunities too. I will have to make many difficult choices. Those will be critical ones that may determine my future.

The market is very much bearish for the past two month. Many marketing attempt does not evoke enough response from the market. The stagnating profitability fell even further with the high level of expenses. Overall, the market is very dry, both in retail and wholesales. Normally, this should not be the case at the beginning of a year, but I can see many skillful and ambitious people are leaving…

I have also encountered challenges in Connexionz. It will be very crucial if I can bring back the glory of the club this semester. Unfortunately, I have to postpone CCR. I have underestimated the sponsorship part of the project. But I assure you that everyone will find the postponing worthwhile. I will make CCR an annual event that can benefit many for years to come!


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