The best thing one can do when it is raining…

Is to let it rain…

It is sad but seems life only grants us very limited choices. So let us enjoy the rain.


There are ups and downs; there are happiness and sorrow. The glory, group work, applause, achievement and enthusiasm, we have experienced all of them.


I have to admit. It is really a bad shape now, both in the career and personal part. Not only others, but even I feel my faith is staggering. People is losing their enthusiasm.


So, let everything come now! So nothing worse can ever happen anymore! People with less determination will be filtered out. Sad, but life still have much more to expect. People should and must look forward!

People say it is the extra determination distinguishes extraordinary out of ordinary. It is when you about to lose all the hope and strength, usually success is just another one more mile away from you. It will be yours, if you can hold it.

Great things need great effort. People say I am stubborn and unrealistic. They say wisdom teaches what is attainable and what is not. They say I am stupid. I’d rather say, I dream and do more than what other dare not to do. And the worst part is, I always believe that I have got the necessary confidence and expertise to make my dream real!


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