Stick & Needle


(Jing Cheng Suo Zhi, Jin Shi Wei Kai )

The truest heart penetrates everything.

It is about a story, where an old women insist geting a needle from grinding a iron stick. When others told her it is impossible to get a tiny needle from an thick iron stick. She told them ‘If you have the truest heart, the undying willingness, you can’. It had motivated and transformed one dubious child into one of the greatest poets in history, Li Bai.

Maybe it has been influence by long lasting Buddism in China’s culture, people appreciate patience and generousity. People believe in emotional influence in transforming evil or conquering obstacle. It takes much longer but much lasting. If your wish is strong and pure, you can even win back your enemy’s heart. However, on the other side, Buddism also teach people to be desirousless. They emphersize that it is because of futile desires and hopes we suffer from our life.

People get confused, and even sometimes, get scared.

I get scared. I scared the scenario will just repeat itself. It is just too similar. The saddest part of it is you know the tragedy is on the stage, but you can’t stop it. Ya, it is my weakness. I lack of my usual determination. I become inaction, hesitant and contradicting…


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